The Poet's Triumph

Status: Contest urban planning project 2014
Address: Moscow, Triumphalnaya Square
Authors: A.Leonovich, A.Belinskaya, D.Handji

The task of reconstruction of the area - to update its location on the map of the city and zhihni people. It involves several decisions. One of them - the creation of rhythmic volume within the boundaries of the previous quarter, to expel substantially amorphous . Back in the format of a rectangle , the area continues to be a place of transit passage , but at the same time it is a recreational area , where it is pleasant and comfortable to spend time . The second solution - free space around the monument . This is an internal area of ​​the alley , which paves the views of the poet facing a Tverskaya Street . Ornamental brick coating solution square rhymes with the facade of the building , located across the street. hailed by plenty of poets. Presentation of life of citizens in its most positive and striking forms.
Returning to the format of a rectangle, the area does not stop to be a transit place for residents of the city. The question is: how to turn that traffic from the intersection of space to the spatial experience? Concurrently with using the transit area, we want people to stay within the boundaries of this square: to walk, to sit down on benches, to meet each other and spend time here.The most special place is the space around the monument. It is the inner square with an alley, which continues the glance of the Poet and leads to Tverskaya Street.
Scale of the brick surface image on square and its elaboration interprets the mastered space like a giant facade, wich ingrows into relief with it's stairs.