Glade of Gems

Status: Urban planning project 2014
Address: Moscow region, near Pozdnyakovo village
Authors: A.Leonovich, K.Markus, Y.Frolov, A.Belinskaya, A.Fesenko

Residential complex "Glade Camotsvetov " - a project of the new suburban housing type. It is equally combines the features of a cottage settlement and urban mini- quarter. In an area of ​​fifteen acres located low residential buildings from 4 to 6 floors. Free-standing, but the rhyme between a residential units are designed for a small number of apartments in a variety of formats. There's a spacious studios ( 45-55 m2) , large two-room ( 60-75 m2) and three ( 80-110 m2) apartment. The fundamental point are glass fragments of walls in each format of residential cells.