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Status: Contest urban planning project 2009
Address: Russia
TEP: Land area 19.34 ha. Building area from 110 to 1 500 sq.m. Total area of the complex 27 400 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, A.Leonovich, A.Bayushev

The whole village is divided into small residential groups (0.7-0.8 ha), which in turn consist of houses of one type: either individual or duplex (2-family), or blocked, or multifamily. Master plan is formed of residential groups like constructor. Based on one planning and volumetric solution were created 6 different types of houses and 8 types of apartments. In combination with these the using of seven types of finishing gives 98 different architectural solutions.
From standard to individual: urban planning constructor.
The principle of automobile: many versions on one platform!
From Craft to technology: prefabricated house made of wood - fast, cheap, ecologically!